Konversa (Free Talking)

"Konversa" is one of our free application for user. This is an Android Application which used as the same function to Handy Talking (HT) or Walkie Talkie (WT). Applicable to wi-fi connection with range depend on existentcy and quality of wi-fi.

Just download and install it on your android phone.


Tutorial Konversa

o'RIDE (be a boss with own ride)

"o-RIDE" is our famous application which using most friendly between driver and passenger. This is an Android Application usefull to manage your plan of movement by order a free of driver for your trip. You will be able to get contact or keep in touch with driver or passenger using this application when your are still login and many other functions will be offering you by using o'RIDE.

Find out download link below and install it on your android phone.


Tutorial o'RIDE



Akademika is an appication using under system operation computer of windows and Android by online and offline implementation. This system properly use to the college/university which one created by our company to serve the need of college/university such as managing new registration of student, digital examination, college attendances, financial management, managing rezult of examination, managing grade of student, creating ID Card and other more usefull functions of this application.

System Cashier

Cashier is an appication using under system operation computer of windows online and offline implementation. This system properly use to the mini market, retail business for managing stock, daily transaction, recapitulation of daily transastion, payment of salaries and others functional which can easly to managing system business in a business market.



This application created by IT BRAIN, LDA to provide powerful and secure offline and online Election Management Software for easy self-managed elections or polls. This Election Software is a secure standalone software system With Latest Technology.



We are offering complete POS solutions to our retail and hospitality customers. Whether you need to set up a complete POS system from scratch or you need to add peripherals and software to your basic system, we can help you find the right solution.



We are offering to customer our wide line of easy to install analog & IP complete CCTV camera packages that ship with free lifetime tech support and a year warranty. Not sure which CCTV camera package is right for you?






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Management System

This management focus for the recovery of a system in a network, i.e. the CPU No.2 has a recovery of
CPU No.1. Its mean our jobs are to manage a system still working even the system changed to new
hardware of computer.


Exchange Hardware & Software

“IT BRAIN” will provide a new system of hardware and software which conduct a service of company/group and

User's Capacity Building

“IT BRAIN” will provide a system management of group/company and government to maintain and
control their own system.

Software Design

“IT BRAIN” can provide design of application base on user needs and guaranted as partner for long term cooperations.

Contractor & Consultant

“IT BRAIN” always looking for the partner to conducting business together in case of how solve out each activity of project and to return the profit for both side.

Motion Picture & Video

This services focus on how create and design entity of picture and video for common use, such as advertisement, wedding etc.


X-RAY Installation & Capacity Building

Site Power Control

We can provide for customer our service to control each site of telecommunication by reserve oil and maintenance for the resource engine.

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